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champagne makes me drowsy: lamamama replied to your post: well i was going to do schoolwork...


lamamama replied to your post: well i was going to do schoolwork tonight but…

omg i read the southron ambitions one the other day, crackpot asoiaf conspiracy theories are my jam

i haven’t read that one! oh man i love the crazy ones but i also love reading all the serious ones…

Once I read a theory that in the end all the Starks will become undead lords of winter and rule Westeros with an icy iron grip, and it was pretty awesome. My new favorite crackpot theory.

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Tumblr of Thrones: This is a Cortnay Penrose appreciation post.



“May the Others bugger your Lord of Light,” Penrose spat back, “and whipe his arse with that rag you bear.”


Bryce Caron walked his horse forward a few paces, his long rainbow-striped cloak twisting in the wind of the bay. “No man here is a turncloak, ser. My…

Ser Cortnay Penrose is my favorite BAMF. 

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