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My mom on Joffrey’s death:

I did not see that one coming! Oh…my goodness.

I think Cersei might have done it. (“WHAT!?!?!?” - Me) I wouldn’t put it past her. She’s crazy! Oh, and what was that thing she wanted from Qui-Gon, Qui-burn, what’s his name?  I think that was Milk of the Poppy. Yeah. Yeah.

Or Oberyn did it. Yeah. Cersei or Oberyn. It came out of the pie-cake. What came out of the pie cake? Something came out of the pie-cake. It was dry. Why was it dry? 

Or Ser Dontos did it.

Tyrion couldn’t have done it. Nope. 

Sansa, I guess could have done it, but she’s too nice. 

Gee whiz…it could have been anyone.

But I think it was Cersei.


One of my friends was also speculating that it was Cersei. I guess the show doesn’t make her devotion to her children as plain as in the books.

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